Smart Mci Bag™

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  • Complete mobile triage centre with a rugged backpack design
  • Provides a complete solution to respond rapidly with all the resources required to manage a mass casualty event
  • Provides triage for up to 80 casualties
  • Contains 4 SMART Triage Packs™ each containing 20 SMART Triage Tags™, 20 SMART CBRNE Tags™, 10 dead tags, the SMART Pediatric Triage Tape™, 5 Light Sticks, 2 pencils, the START Triage algorithm, casualty count card, SMART Commander™ and carry case with handle
  • Includes 4 SMART Triage Packs™
  • EACH Triage Pack includes: + twenty (20) SMART Triage Tags™ + twenty (20) SMART CBRNE (WMD) Tags™ + ten (10) Dead Tags + SMART Pediatric Triage Tape™ + five (5) Light Sticks + two (2) Pencils + START Triage Algorithm + Casualty Count Card