Med PRIDE Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing Pads| 5-Pack, 4inch by 4inch Sterile Adhesive Patches

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  • HYDROCOLLOID WOUND DRESSING: A superior, far more flexible and absorbent dressing choice when compared to regular gauze. With a design made for comfort, the Hydrocolloid wound dressings can last for several days, supporting faster & more comfortable, effective healing.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE & EFFECTIVE: Absorbency for wounds stage II, III and IV. Size is 4” by 4”and in each pack you get 5 dressing pads. Perfect for cystic acne, blemishes, burns, ulcers with mild-exudate, smaller post-op wounds, blisters, cuts, dermatitis, cracked skin & more.
  • IMPROVED WOUND PROTECTION: Provides and preserves an ideal moisture level that makes for an enhanced healing environment as well as added protection via insulation, for days on end. Thus, your body can heal with minimal disruptions or infections.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Hold in between your hands for about a minute to lightly warm them up, and then apply to your wound. Can be cut in the preferred shape and their unique design allows for easy application on tough spots. Adheres only to clean skin while allowing the wound area to heal.
  • DOES NOT IRRITATE-EASY TO CHANGE: the Medpride hydrocolloid wound dressings do not irritate, scratch or stick to the wound/ infected area, making for seamless changing and pain-free removing.