Examination Drape Sheets – Disposable

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  • Versatile, compact and durable emergency rescue stretcher provides patient protection and security in any situation
  • Stretcher is constructed from a special plastic formula that is both flexible and durable
  • Securing straps with steel buckles are sewn into the stretcher through brass grommets, contributing to the stretcher’s strength and durability
  • Equipped for land, high-angle, confined-space and technical rescues
  • Can be hoisted or lowered in either a horizontal or vertical position
  • Includes: one 0.91 x 2.4 m (3’ x 8’) plastic Sked® stretcher; Cordura® backpack/towing harness; one pair of 4,9 kg (9,000 lb) tensile strength horizontal lift slings; 9.14 m (10 yds) of rescue rope with minimum break strength of 2,393 kg (5,265 lbs); steel lockin D-carabineer; 1.8 m (6’) tow strap that accommodates several towing configurations; and four additional removable webbing handles that allow the Sked® to be carried by up to eight rescuers
  • Dimensions: 101.6 x 182.9 cm (40" x 72")
  • 100/CASE