Quebec First Aid Rooms & Dressing Stations

Welcome to the First Aid Room section for the Province of Quebec.

This section will outline all the regulatory items to set up a regulation First Aid Room within your organization. Regulations listed below are current; however, please visit the Quebec website for possible updates. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Notice: All persons making use of this section are reminded that it has no legislative sanction and has been provided for convenience of reference; and that the original Act should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.

First Aid Room Regulations

The employer in an establishment having more than 100 workers and the principal contractor on a construction site having more than 100 workers must provide a room where the first-aider can administer first-aid; it must be available and easily accessible at all times during working hours, kept clean and in good order, ventilated, lighted, adequately heated and provided with water.

Equipment Supplies Minimum Requirements Recommended Products
(a) a stretcher,
FA26153 - Stretcher, Single-Fold, Aluminum Poles
(b) one table and two chairs,
2 x FA26666 - Treatment Chair
(c soap and a nail-brush,
FA06248 - Green Soap, Antiseptic Cleanser, 250 mL &
FA14978 - Nail Scrub Brush
(d) paper towels,
(e) at the minimum, the contect of te kit prescribed in section 4.
FAKIT50500 - Quebec, Sec. 4, 36 Unit, Plastic Box, Unitized or
FAKIT50507 - Quebec, Sec. 4, #2, Plastic Box, Unitized or
FAKIT50503 - Quebec, Sec. 4, 36 Unit, Metal Cabinet w/Gasket, Unitized or
FAKIT50508 - Quebec, Sec. 4, #2, Metal Cabinet, Unitized

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