Newfoundland and Labrador First Aid Rooms & Dressing Stations

Welcome to the First Aid Room section for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

This section will outline all the regulatory items to set up a regulation First Aid Room within your organization. Regulations listed below are current; however, please visit the Newfoundland and Labrador website for possible updates. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Notice: All persons making use of this section are reminded that it has no legislative sanction and has been provided for convenience of reference; and that the original Act should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.

First Aid Room Regulations

Schedule 5
First Aid Room Requirements

  1. An employer
    1. Employing 200 or more workers on one shift; or
    2. employing a total of 200 or more workers and if ordered to do so by an officer shall provide and maintain as conveniently as possible to the workplace a first aid room under the supervision of a first aid attendant.
  2. The assistant deputy minister or an officer, having regard for existing circumstances, may order an employer to provide a first aid room and first aid attendant where less than 200 workers are employed, or under appropriate circumstances may relieve an employer of that obligation where 200 or more workers are employed.
  3. A first aid room required under this section shall be kept sanitary at all times and shall contain the equipment and supplies described in Schedule E in the quantities that may be reasonably necessary to provide adequate first aid.

Section 13. Requirements for first aid room

  1. Where these regulations require a first aid room, its minimum floor dimensions shall be 2.5 metres by 3.7 metres and the entrance shall be large enough to permit convenient passage of a stretcher case.
  2. The first aid room shall be
    1. painted and kept clean and sanitary
    2. provided with adequate lighting, heating and ventilation, including emergency lighting;
    3. under the supervision of a first aid attendant;
    4. available to injured workers during all working hours;
    5. used only for the purpose of providing first aid and related occupational health services; and
    6. equipped with a telephone or similar means of communication between work areas at a workplace

Schedule E

Equipment Supplies Minimum Requirements Recommended Products
Hot and cold water
Permanent sink installations (knee or elbow controls preferred)
1 refuse pail with cover
1 x FA14544 - Sharps/Biohazard Collector, 26.5 L
1 treatment chair with arm rests
1 x FA26666 - Treatment Chair
1 bed with pillows, sheet and blankets, the whole to be covered with a plastic sheet
1 x FA26155 - Recovery Couch w/Headrest with
1 x FA26716 - Sheet, Fitted, Cotton/Polyester, 99.1 x 190.5 cm &
1 x FA26715 - Sheet, Flat, Cotton/Polyester, 167.6 x 241.3 cm &
1 x FA26154 - Blanket, Multi-Fibre, Grey, 152.4 x 213.4 cm
1 cabinet suitable for storing dressings and instruments
1 advanced first aid safety oriented manual, current edition
1 x FA02458 - St. John Ambulance, First On The Scene (English)
1 first aid record book
1 x FA14958 - Accident/Illness Record Book, Large
1 pair of bandage scissors, 13.9 cm
1 x FA19161 - Scissors, Bandage, 14 cm
1 dressing forceps, 12.5 cm
1 x FA19522 - Thumb Dressing Forceps, 14 cm
1 splinter tweezers, blunt nose
1 x FA19170 - Splinter Forceps, Blunt End, 8.9 cm
1 dozen safety pins, assorted
1 x FA02026 - Safety Pins, Assorted Sizes
2 wash basins (stainless steel or polypropylene)
2 x FA12483 - Wash Basin, Stainless Steel, 3 L
1 nail brush
1 x FA14978 - Nail Scrub Brush
1 package paper towels
1 package of disposable paper cups
1 x FA14882 - Drinking Cone Cups, Paper, 118 mL
1 eye lamp
1 x FA19891 - Luxo Magnification Lamp w/Table Clamp, White
1 cold sterilizer or equivalent, with a supply of non-rusting germicidal solution to keep instruments sterile
1 x FA14356 - Instrument Sterilizing Solution, 2% Glutaraldehyde, 4 L &
1 x FA19627 - Instrument Tray w/Cover, 20.3 x 30.5 x 6.4 cm, Stainless Steel
1 kidney basin, polypropylene or stainless steel
1 x FA12129 - Emesis Basin, Plastic, 20.3 cm
1 carrying stretcher with 2 blankets
1 x FA26153 - Stretcher, Single-Fold, Aluminum Poles &
2 x FA26154 - Blanket, Multi-Fibre, Grey, 152.4 x 213.4 cm
1 set of wooden or air splints, assorted sizes
1 x FA02103 - Splint Set, Wood, Assorted Sizes
3 splints - x-ray transparent or equivalent
3 x FA14352 - Speedsplint, Multipurpose Splint
1 emergency first aid kit (No.3) and flashlight for use outside the first aid room at the scene of the accident
1 x FA50839 - Newfoundland & Labrador, #3, 36 Unit, Plastic Box, Unitized
1 x FA77044 - Flashlight w/Led Bulb, Crank-Style, Rechargeable

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