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Welcome to the First Aid Room section for the Province of Alberta.

This section will outline all the regulatory items to set up a regulation First Aid Room within your organization. Regulations listed below are current; however, please visit the Alberta website for possible updates. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Notice: All persons making use of this section are reminded that it has no legislative sanction and has been provided for convenience of reference; and that the original Act should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.

First Aid Room Regulations

Schedule 4
First Aid Room Requirements

If the employer is required to provide a first aid room by this Regulation, the employer must ensure that it is:

Equipment Supplies Minimum Requirements Recommended Products
(a) located near the work area or areas it is to serve,
(b) easily accessible to workers at all times,
(c able to accommodate a stretcher,
(d) close to bathroom facilities,
(e) of adequate size,
(f) kept clean and sanitary,
(g) provided with adequate lighting, ventilation and heating,
(h) designated as non-smoking,
(I) under the supervision of a nurse or Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic,
(j) clearly identified as a first aid facility and appropriately marked with how and where to access the first aider,
1 x FA97198 - Sign, "First Aid Station", 25.4 x 35.6 cm or
1 x FA97741 - Sign, "Poste De Premiers Soins", 25.4 x 35.6 cm
(k) used only to administer first aid or health related services, and
(I) equipped with
(i) a communications system,
(ii) a permanently installed sink with hot and cold running water,
(iii) the supplies required by section 2 of Schedule 3,
1 x FA50136 - Alberta, No. 2, Refill, Unitized
(iv) a cot or bed with a moisture-protected mattress and 2 pillows
1 x FA26155 - Recovery Couch w/Headrest or
1 x FA26279 - Cot, Rollaway w/Mattress, 76.2 x 188 cm (30") with
1 x FA26281 - Mattress Protector, Vinyl, Contoured, 99 x 193 cm and
2 x FA26712 - Pillow, Polyester Fibres
1 x FA26638 - Cot, Rollaway w/Mattress, 99.1 x 188 cm (39") with
1 x FA26281 - Mattress Protector, Vinyl, Contoured, 99 x 193 cm and
2 x FA26712 - Pillow, Polyester Fibres
(v) 6 towels and 3 blankets,
3 x FA26154 - Blanket, Multi-Fibre, Grey, 152.4 x 213.4 cm
(vi) eye wash equipment,
1 x FA04600 - Bradley, Gravity-Fed Eye Wash Station w/Water Preservative, 237 mL
(vii) a shower, or is close to a shower facility if it is a work site described in section 13 or the Regulation, and
1 x FA04646 - Bradley, Shower w/Eye/Face Wash, Plastic Bowl, Floor-Mounted with Privacy Curtain 04652
(viii) a No. 3 Kit.
1 x FA50140 - Alberta, No. 3, #2, Plastic Box w/Gasket, Unitized or
1 x FA50139 - Alberta, No. 3, #2, Metal Cabinet, Unitized
2 A first aid room must contain the following supplies:
(a) space blanket;
1 x FA26297 - Blanket, Emergency, Foil/Mylar, 142.2 x 203.2 cm
(b) hot and cold packs;
1 x FA14535 - Cold/Hot Pack, Reusable, Small, 10.2 x 15.2 cm or
1 x FA14281 - Cold/Hot Pack, Reusable, Medium, 12.7 x 25.4 cm or
1 x FA14536 - Cold/Hot Pack, Reusable, Large, 25.4 x 30.5 cm
(c) spine board and straps;
1 x FA26328 - Restraint Straps w/Fast-Stick Closure, 5.1 x 182.9 cm
(d) adjustable cervical collar or set of different sized cervical collars;
1 x FA14969 - Ferno Wizloc, Extrication Collar, Adjustable Sizes
(e) stretcher;
1 x FA26153 - Stretcher, Single-Fold, Aluminum Poles
(f) splint set;
1 x FA02103 - Splint Set, Wood, Assorted Sizes
(g) waterproof waste bag;
1 x FA14549 - Infectious Waste Bags, 61 x 61 cm 37.9 L
(h) sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff);
1 x FA27640 - Sphygmomanometer, Aneroid w/Adult Cuff
(i) stethoscope:
1 x FA27220 - Stethoscope, Single Head, Black
(j) disposable drinking cups;
1 x FA14454 - Drinking Flat Cups, Waxed Paper, 89 mL or
1 x FA14882 - Drinking Cone Cups, Paper, 118 mL
(k) oxygen unit;
1 x FA17391 - Oxygen Kit, w/Adjustable Flow Regulator & "D" (425 L) Cylinder (Full)
(l) flashlight
1 x FA77044 - Flashlight w/Led Bulb, Crank-Style, Rechargeable
(m) bandage scissors
1 x FA19161 - Scissors, Bandage, 14 cm or
1 x FA19154 - Scissors, Bandage, 11.4 cm or
1 x FA19576 - Scissors, Bandage, 18.4 cm

Schedule 5

First Aid Room Requirements for a Temporary or Mobile First Aid Room

If a first aid room is a temporary or mobile facility, the requirements are the same as in Schedule 4, except that:

  1. the room may be used for other services if maintained appropriately to provide first aid, and
  2. where it is not possible or practicable to provide a supply of hot and cold water, a supply of cold potable water is acceptable.

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